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We offer our customers a full range of air freight services from UK, as well as specialised and customised services such as:

  • Same day / next day collections  in the UK. We collect your goods for delivery to the airport for subsequent delivery to your desired destination,
  • We collect goods from your house or office to our warehouse.

  • Door to Door  services (Zimbabwe)-This is a service dedicated to collecting your goods from your door step and delivering it  on the door to your destination country.We have  a specially dedicated team for  Zimbabwe and Africa as a whole. This service is subject to change without notice; depending on the work load and Zimbabwe customs regulations at the time of your booking.

  • Excess Baggage services.We understand that your baggage can exceed the permissible limit at the airport. But from now on there’s no need to pay hefty luggage charges to any airline. 
  • All you have to do is call us  on +442070960264  or contact us online  and you can ship your excess baggage, wherever you want- that too at a reasonable cost.  We specialise in Sending goods to Botswana, Sending goods to Namibia, Sending goods to Nigeria and Sending goods to Zimbabwe 

drums by air to Zimbabwe

We deliver your goods in drums by Air to any destination.
Frequency: Once a week-Subject to flight availability.

Delivery time:-4-10 days depending on your destination.

Terms: Maximum allowable weight per drum is 80 kg- Any weight above 80kg  will be charged at our normal freight cargo rate.

 Express & Economy Air Freight
We provide secure, reliable and efficient air freight, with express delivery times ranging from 3-5 days, and economy from 7-18 days.

Please contact us if you require any more information. 

Cost: Contact us for latest price
We offer a comprehensive range of air freight forwarding services with guaranteed daily distribution to and from all major airports.Our air freight forwarding service includes; specialist customs clearance, on site attendance and hand carry and courier facilities.

Special air freight to South Africa

  • Air freight to Botswana from £4.15/kg
  • Airfreight to Ghana from £2.15/kg
  • Airfreight to Namibia from £4.15/kg
  • Airfreight to Nigeria from £2.85/kg
  • Airfreight to USA from £2.00/kg
  • Airfreight to Zambia from £4.15/kg
  • Airfreight to Zimbabwe from £4.15/kg

All special offers are subject to minimum weight and a terminal handling fee that is subject to change without notice. 
Please contact our offices to get the minimum weight at the time of your booking.
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