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If you are a returning Resident to Zimbabwe; we can arrange for the delivery of your goods from anywhere in the world to Zimbabwe at very competitive rate.

Our collection and delivery concept:Door to Door  delivery to Zimbabwe

  • Sending goods to Zimbabwe made easy.Shipping to Zimbabwe made easy.
  • Our operational concept is simple. We will support you in professionally packaging your goods.
  •  We will come to your door step, office or storage facility to collect your goods.
  • We weigh your goods on site in your presence, so that you have peace of mind and decide the weight you want to send (subject to our terms and conditions)
  • If we cannot weigh your goods on site; we will do so at our premises. 
  • Your goods are professionally and securely labelled
  • Your goods are then shipped to Zimbabwe by your preferred method- Air or Sea freight.
  • Once your goods are in Zimbabwe, we will do all customs clearance for you in Zimbabwe, in order to save you the complications of dealing with the stringent ZIMRA regulations.
  • Your goods are then delivered to your loved ones in Zimbabwe.

Air Freight to Zimbabwe from £4.15/kg  excluding collection; duty and delivery                
  • Subject to  minimum weight of 20kg and a variable handling fee.
  • Door to door delivery from UK to Zimbabwe.
  • Door to Door collection and delivery from UK to Zimbabwe subject to availability of service. Please call to find out if the service is available at the time you want to send your goods.
  • Free collection in Gatwick Area.
  • Free delivery in Zimbabwe in Harare, Chitungwiza and Ruwa-Please call to find out if the service is available at the time you want to send your goods as level of service varies due to circumstances beyond our control.

Delivery time from UK to Zimbabwe is usually 4-12days

  1. Shipping goods to Zimbabwe has never been easier
  2. No company delivers and performs the way we do.
  3. We understand the needs of UK based customers with interests in Zimbabwe.
  4. We have the best understanding of Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) rules and regulations, so that you don't have to worry about unexpected shocking bill when your goods arrive in Zimbabwe.
  5. Our delivery service within Zimbabwe is second to none.
  6. We ship goods to Zimbabwe.

 Your goods are in safe hands. We have invested heavily in the best security systems in Zimbabwe to make sure thatyour goods arrive in perfect and untempered condition.
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We ship drums to Zimbabwe and general cargo to Zimbabwe. We Ship drums to Zimbabwe by sea.
  • Cargo shipping to Zimbabwe can also be by sea as individual cargo or as containers.
  • Shipping containers to Zimbabwe is made easy by our understanding of the sea freight logistics.

Shipping drums to Zimbabwe. Air Freight to Zimbabwe,  Door to door to Zimbabwe; Freight to Zimbabwe

In order to improve our service delivery in Zimbabwe, help us to know where you ship your goods to.Information provided by you is for our own statistical improvement purpose.
Cities we deliver to in Zimbabwe
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      FROM £4.15/kg.>>>>>>>>>>>UK to ZIMBABWE
sending goods to Zimbabwe; clearing goods in Zimbabwe; Cargo to Zimbabwe____________________________________
  • Shipping spare parts from UK to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping computers from UK to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping mobile phones from UK to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping  mining compressors  from UK to Zimbabwe
  • We ship Cars, Vans, truck and Buses from UK to Zimbabwe
  • We ship cars from Sheerness Port-UK  to Zimbabwe
  • We ship trucks and vans from Immingham Port-UK  to Zimbabwe
  • Clearing cars at Plumtree; 
  • Shipping barrels to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping drums to Zimbabwe
  • Drum shipping to Zimbabwe by sea from £160.00
  • Shipping Televisions to Zimbabwe
  • Cargo shipping to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping cars to Zimbabwe
  • Shipping trucks to Zimbabwe
  • Zimbabwe shippers is our dedication.
  • Airfreight from UK to Harare-Zimbabwe
  • We ship containers from UK to Zimbabwe.
  • Door to door shipping from UK to Zimbabwe is