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CONTAINER SHIPPING TO ZIMBABWE; Shipping containers from UK to Zimbabwe

Shipping containers to Zimbabwe, shipping containers to South Africa, Shipping containers to Namibia, Shipping containers to Botswana, shipping containers to Zambia is our speciality. Shipping containers from UK to Kenya. 

We ship containers to Zimbabwe via Beira- Mozambique or via Durban- South Africa or Via Walvis Bay-Namibia.

We ship containers from UK to Kenya Mombasa through to Sudan; DRC, Uganda;Rwanda;Burundi;Tanzania.

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We have scheduled vessels sailing from UK to  Australia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia,Botswana every two weeks.

It will make your booking process easy if you provide the following information or prepare once you have decided to book a container with Savannah Freight Services Ltd.
  • Itemised list of all cargo loaded (inventory form will be provided by Savannah Freight Services Ltd 
  • ALL boxes must be labelled and numbered to make it easy to audit your cargo at destination.
  • If you require container to be loaded at your premises, please make sure you have ample space for an articulated truck to move around.
  • PLEASE, prepare all your cargo prior to container being delivered to your premises as you will have a maximum of 3 hours to load your container.
  • Allow up to 2 weeks notice to book and get a quote and have your container delivered
  • You are also free to select to come to our container depot to load your cargo.

Please complete the container booking enquiry form below

Please note that all containers  are shipped without insurance. You need to get your own insurance. Contact our office for support on how to get your car insured:
Container Shipping -Quote Request Form
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