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Shipping cars to Zimbabwe

Tips on How to choose a Freight Forwarder

One of the biggest challenge any individual or company can have is to choose a Freight Forwarder. However, if you know what to look for, it makes it a bit easier.

It is not a case of just  appointing some company to handle your valuable cargo. Over the years, a lot of customers have fallen victims to fraud and loss of cargo due to avoidable mistakes. Not ever Tom, Dick and Harry can be a Freight Forwarder. It is important for a Freight Forwarder to know how to handle Local, National and International Freight and associated documentation and regulations of various countries and destinations.

Here are a few tips on what to do and consider:


You need to know what  a Freight Forwarder is and what they actually do. This will also help you to understand whether what you are looking for is actually what they do. Look at the services  the freight forwarder offers. A Freight Forwarder should be able to handle more than just  Airfreight and  Sea freight. They must be able to understand and deal with all complex customs and excise regulations in order to make your transactions easier. Do you need value added services like storage and warehousing?  Do you need door to door services? Do you need port to port services? All these are factors to consider.


Any Freight Forwarder can claim to be able to transport goods from A to B. However, not all freight forwarders can do everything. You need to check whether the services you are looking for is a speciality for that company. At Savannah Freight Services we are specialists in Car Shipping from UK ,although we handle other categories of cargo.


Reputation and word of mouth for any company is important. You are able to determine the chances of your cargo being delivered and handled safely without any hassle. Testimonials are important for you to have a picture of who you are dealing with.


Sometimes price on its own should not  be the major determining factor. We understand, times are hard and it can be a challenge to afford  premier  prices. Sometimes it is better to part with your cash knowing that you are avoiding even more expenses due to cheap poor service.


It is important to have a company that is there to serve the customers and are reachable through various means of communication. The modern customer is mobile, the modern customer is digital. It is therefore important to make sure your freight forwarder is reachable when you need them. At Savannah Freight Services we are reachable through phone, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, googlePlus, Instagram, SnapChat and email.  


Driving your car from Walvis Bay (Namibia) to Zimbabwe via Zambia

In December 2013; the I wrote an article updating all our valued customers about the changes that were effected by Botswana government. The article was entitled: IMMEDIATE BAN ON UNREGISTERED VEHICLES PLYING BOTSWANA ROADS .

Since then; we have been contacted by numerous customers wishing to know if there is an alternative to going from Namibia to Zimbabwe without going through Botswana?
Yes; there is a alternative route.  The traditional route of driving cars  from Namibia to Zimbabwe through Plumtree is no more.
People can now drive from Namibia - Walvis Bay to Zimbabwe; via Zambia. The route is as  follows:
Walvis Bay to Zambia by Road; Namibia to Zimbabwe via Zambia; Road between Walvis Bay and Zambia; Kazungula Border post; Zimbabwe

Walvis Bay to Rundu-879km- Tarred road- 
2-Rundu to Katima Mulilo-525km Tarred Road
3- Katima Mulilo to Wenela - 5km Border Post- Tarred Road- 
Wenela Border post; Katima Mulilo; Clearing cars in Zambia

Wenela is the Zambian Border post. This is a very small border post which has suddenly been flooded by cars. From our own experience; the last time I was there; I spent 8 hours at the border post waiting to be cleared. There were only a few working computers on the Zambian side. You are therefore advised to make sure you accommodate these delays in your travel time.
4- Wenela Border Post to Victoria Falls  Via Livingstone- 208km Tarred Road but at the moment the road is not very good. There are some potholes which will obviously cause delays. It took us 5 hours to drive the 208km from Wenela to Victoria falls due to the bad state of the road on 16th January; 2014. This was coupled by a lot of rain.                                 
Wenela to Livingstone by rpadZambian Roads

At the time of writing this article; the roads were still in a state as shown above.

Customs charges and Road Permit fees at Wenela Border Post

--Light / Passenger vehicles: US$40-00
• Commercial / Heavy vehicles: US$60-00
(The charges vary according to the WEIGHT  of the vehicle, these are just minimum charges).

Clearing Agent at Kazungula Border post- Zimbabwe.
Savannah Freight Services can support you to clear your car at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe and Kazungula Border post.
Please feel free to contact us for any further information.

If you would like to share your experiences ; please do contact us.

How To Buy A Used Car From The Guardian UK

We saw this and thought our customers and readers might be interested. It ties in with our article we posted here about avoiding being scammed when buying a used car from UK.

Source: Guardian UK

If You Are Buying A Car From UK Beware of Scams

buying a new car from UK to Botswana; spare parts from UK to Botswana
The internet has surely transformed lives in Africa. With increasing ease of access to the internet through smart phones and tablets this has meant that the world is truly a global village. A person in Mutorashanga in Zimbabwe can browse UK's Auto Trader looking for a car to buy. Now with the availability of high definition pictures and video they can vividly see the car they want to buy. Heady with mental images of themselves driving that car and with numerous ways of communicating like email, Skype, WhatsApp, they can contact a seller of the car they like arrange to wire the money for the purchase of that car as well as paying for its shipping until it gets to Zimbabwe.

cars sales in UK; Car shipping to Botswana from UK. Shipping cars Zambia; Shipping containers to Zambia
It sounds easy, visit Auto Trader UK or Gumtree, choose a car within your budget, contact seller, arrange to pay through Western Union, ask the seller to arrange shipping which you also pay for and just wait until your baby to arrives. Unfortunately its far from easy, there a number of people who have been swindled huge amounts of money by a authentic looking advert in the Auto Trader or Gumtree. People have sent huge amounts of money over to someone they have never met.In the end they call freight forwarders like us because during negotiations they have been told that Savannah will ship the car on their behalf. The telephone number which was being enthusiastically answered prior to the transfer of the money now diverts all calls to voice-mail. The emails now go unanswered, WhatsApp and Skype has blocked you as a contact. That initial excitement in anticipation for a new purchase gives way first to anger and finally realisation that you have been fooled.

Many people choose not to speak about it, they fear to be labelled fools. Those that do acknowledge that they have been foolish vow not to buy anything from UK not to even trust reputable companies that have a successful track record of delivery. However while being scammed cannot be completely avoided the risks can be minimised. 

Buying cars from UK to Zimbabwe; Shipping Cars from UK to Botswana
  • The first thing is to investigate the seller.
  • Find if its an individual or a company. 
  • Avoid individual sellers, if its a company the questions that you need to ask is their Company Registration Number. 
  • Which you can investigate if it is a made up series of numbers of a genuinely registered company in England and Wales. 
  • With the registration number you can check the company via a free UK Companies House webcheck here, which in turn will tell you when the company started trading, whether they submit their accounts on time (which is a measure of trust in itself).
  • The Companies House info will also tell you registered address of the company, the number of directors it has and their names.
  • The second way of checking the genuineness of a UK is to see whether they are VAT registered, most car sellers by virtue of volumes of cars they sell and the  and the amount of money they turnover will be VAT registered. To check the validity of a VAT registration you will have to ring up or email Her Majesty Revenue Services (HMRC) with the VAT number and ask if it is genuine they will happily answer that.
  • Supposedly everything checks out this is a genuine company and they are surely VAT registered will only mean that it would be very unlikely that they can scam you. However you never know they might ship the car to you but it turns out to be a scrap not worth the money you paid for which is the same as being sold a phantom car.
  • The next stage of seller verification involves professional procurement companies such as ourselves.
  • What we do is we send an experienced and qualified motor vehicle mechanic who will examine the car, authenticate in he same process whether the seller is a genuine article.
  • Once that has been done, the buyer can wire the money either directly to the seller or put it in an escrow account such as Paypal which only releases they money once goods have exchanged hands.
  • An escrow account is highly recommended.
  • If all fails it is important to engage a professional reputable company that will procure a vehicle within your budget in a transparent manner and ship it securely to its final destination

Its hard to loose hard earned money, so when buying vehicles from the UK please do take care!

The Beira Corridor Offers An Alternative To Business Dependent On Time Critical Imports

Beira-corridor; shipping cars to Beira.
The Beira Corridor is one of Southern Africa’s main transport routes. It is a road and rail network linking large parts of Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to the port of Beira on the Indian Ocean.  For businesses reliant on imports operating in the above named countries, Beira Port in Mozambique offers an alternative route to business whose operations are time critical. Beira is just 4 hours drive from the Zimbabwean city of Mutare, which shortens the journey and the time a business has to wait for delivery of imported goods critical to their business.
Beira’s capacity and infrastructure was badly damaged during the 16 year Mozambique civil war. Now it has been restored to its pre-war capacities handling millions of tonnes of goods. The port has benefited from €190 million funding from the EU and other funds from World Bank. The main advantage it holds over any other ports in Southern is its multi-modal facilities. It offers rail and road links to the DR Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The feasibility of constructing new railway lines to link Kafue to Lion’s Den in Zimbabwe, as well as for the construction of a One Stop Border Post at Forbes / Machipanda, is being considered.
In comparison the popular gateway of Walvis Bay, Namibia if one just considers the cost of port to port shipping from Europe it’s cheaper than port to port destined for Beira. However you will also need to factor in the cost of transit from Namibia to say Zimbabwe or Zambia. As well as the time it takes, the distance between Walvis Bay and Plumtree is 1766km which is equivalent to 48 hours. There is no rail link between Walvis Bay and Plumtree just road links with South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. 

At Savannah Freight services we recommend Beira Corridor for businesses and individuals whose operations are time sensitive to the expedited delivery of their imported goods. 

Clearing cars at Plumtree Border Post Zimbabwe

Clearing cars in Zimbabwe; Car Transporters in Zimbabwe; Clearing agents in Zimbabwe; Clearing agents at Plumtree Border Post Zimbabwe

It is one thing to shipping cars to Zimbabwe,via Namibia. It is the most popular route at the moment. Popularity of Walvis Bay to Plumtree route is its relatively cheaper cost, depending how you look at it. 
However, there is a myth  that using a particular Border post will have an effect on the actual duty paid. There is nothing further away from the truth than this.Customs Duty payment  for importing cars into Zimbabwe is the same. Payment and processing of duty by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority is the same. What most people seem to be misled about is the process of clearing cars at Plumtree Border Post in Zimbabwe. Below is a list of what is needed.

Documentation required to import a car into Zimbabwe:
The following documents are required to be produced on importation:-
  • Invoice/agreement of sale
  • Police clearance – SARPCO Certificate (when imported from a country in Southern Africa
  • Export bill of entry and supporting documents
  • Registration book (in the case of used motor vehicles)- (if you do not have original log book you pay $100.00)
  • Selling commission
  • Brokerage
  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Documentation
  • Freight (up to the place of importation, only when the vehicle is not driven to such place of importation)
  • Insurance (up to the place of importation

Once you have this information and documents, you are ready clear your car. Clearing can be done in person or through
a Freight Agent. The choice is yours. If you choose to do it yourself, please be aware that you must have plenty of time, as Plumtree Border post staff are not some of the fastest in processing car clearance. Average waiting time at Plumtree ranges from one day to 4 days. Some of the delays are really caused by people not bringing correct paperwork. Please be advised that money (bribery) will not cause your car to be processed any faster. The fastest way to clear your car is to appoint an agent who knows the ropes of the trade at Plumtree Border post.
Below is our Authorised  Clearing Agent in Plumtree is:

Silksands Investments
160 Hebron 
Mob: +263772704009
We advise that you must be aware of briefcase companies plying Plumtree Border Post. They will bombard you with misleading information that leads you to believe that the car clearance process is impossible to do. No, No No!!!. Just be careful not to be a statistic of these conman. Use tried and tested agents.
 If you have any questions, please contact our customer services department which is always there to help you at NO COST.


car shipping to Zimbabwe; Cars from UK to Zimbabwe

Now that the dust has settled. It has now been clarified that the intended ban is no more. From the beginning the idea was not well thought. How on earth were the powers in Zimbabwe ever thinking of banning cars less than 5 years? How many of us in UK are driving cars that are less than five years? It was absurd to say the least. 
Now that the dust has settled, what next? Banning left hand drive cars in Zimbabwe is a good idea but statistically how many are there to warrant the effort they are putting to ban them? Our LEADERS should be debating on how to improve the economy and creating jobs and an investment friendly environment. They should just put a levy on any left hand drive cars. They also should leave the market forces to determine whether it is worth having a left hand drive car or not. For instance, insurance companies are known to charge a bit more for cars which are left handed. 
The way forward is now to ship cars to Zimbabwe using professional, honest and committed companies. This is where Savannah Freight Services-UK get in. We are a shipping company that is dedicated to serving Zimbabwe. If you want peace of mind with your cargo and car shipping to Zimbabwe, please phone our dedicated team on 442070960264 or visit our website.


Savannah Freight Services-UK

Latest on shipping cars to Zimbabwe-26-09-11

Write your post here.
Its an ever changing scenario. Please read the link below for the latest position on banning car imports into Zimbabwe. If this article is to be believed, then THAT IS THE END of the story. Cars below 5 years will be effectively banned from entering Zimbabwe, from October 31, 2011.

Shipping cars from Walvis Bay to Plumtree; Car transporters in Zimbabwe.

The situation may change but as you know, there is never a straight way of do the obvious thinks in Zimbabwe.
Keep checking and we will be updating you. If you have any questions about shipping cars to Zimbabwe, please phone us on 442070960264.

Importation of vehicles to Zimbabwe


Importation of motor vehicles into Zimbabwe is very straight forward. However; information on how to do this is not always easily available. Here at Savannah Freight Services-UK we will provide you with the required information. We are a UK based freight Forwarding company that is dedicated to serving the needs of Zimbabwe. Shipping cars to Zimbabwe is our business. Shipping trucks to Zimbabwe is what we know best.

Documentation required to import a car into Zimbabwe:
The following documents are required to be produced on importation:-
  • Invoice/agreement of sale
  • Police clearance – SARPCO Certificate (when imported from a country in Southern Africa
  • Export bill of entry and supporting documents
  • Registration book (in the case of used motor vehicles)
  • Selling commission
  • Brokerage
  • Storage
  • Handling
  • Documentation
  • Freight (up to the place of importation, only when the vehicle is not driven to such place of importation)
  • Insurance (up to the place of importation)

Valuation of Motor Vehicles

The valuation of motor vehicle as with the other goods is in accordance to Part X of the Customs and Excise Act [Chapter 23.02]. ZIMRA reserves the right to accept declared values or in some cases, reject the declared values when the declared values do not reflect a bona-fide open market value. This is usually the case with used motor vehicles when ZIMRA will assess the values of the imported cars. The assessment of values is in accordance with Section 112 of the Customs and Excise Act.(NB: The valuation of goods including motor vehicles is in accordance with the World Trade Organization (WTO) Valuation Agreement).In valuing used motor vehicles, ZIMRA shall consider, but is not limited to the following;
•  The open market value of similar or identical vehicles sold on the same market at the same commercial level to unrelated parties
•  The values already accepted for similar/identical vehicles
•  The current condition of the vehicle being imported.In determining the value of the imported vehicles, ZIMRA will use any and all information at its disposal.Vehicles that are acquired by other means other than purchase (such as gifts) are also subject to valuation in order to determine their values.The valuation process undertaken by ZIMRA is intended to ensure that there is no under- or over-valuation of goods.  If a client is not satisfied with the value established through this valuation process, he/she may appeal and seek for a value ruling through the office of the Station Manager or the respective Regional Manager.
Value for Duty Purposes

The value to be used as a basis for the calculation of duty and tax shall include all charges and expenses incurred and incidental to the purchase of the vehicle and its transportation up to the place of importation. 

The table below is a guide of the duty generally charged at the  Port of Entry. It is derived from the legislation. Please note that the information provided here is for guidance only and MUST NOT be used as a substitute to the Zimbabwe Government's official publication. You must contact a professional freight forwarder or ZIMRA officials  at any Port of Entry in Zimbabwe for latest and accurate information.
Tariff Heading/Chapter
Customs Duty
All double Cabs
Single Cabs up to 500kg
Single Cabs 800kg-1400kg
Mini-buses and buses (excluding panel vans and modified panel vans)
87021011 / 
Carrying capacity at least 26 passengers  
Mini-buses and buses (excluding panel vans and modified panel vans)
87021019 / 
 passengers but less than 25 passengers
Mini-buses and buses (excluding panel vans and modified panel vans)
87021090 / 87029090
Vehicles with petrol or diesel engine lessthan 1500cc
87032190/ 87032290/87033190
Nil if less than five years old
Vehicles with petrol or diesel engine lessthan 1500cc
87032190/ 87032290/87033190
25%  if more than 5 years old
Vehicles with petrol or diesel engine greater than 1500cc
 25%  if more than 5 years old
 Other not elsewhere specified passenger carrying vehicles
 Nil if less than 5 years old
 Other not elsewhere specified passenger carrying vehicles
 25%  if more than 5 years old
 Light Lorries (e.g. T35)
Over five tonnes but less than 20 tonnes
Please Note: 25 % Surtax is charged on passenger motor vehicles of heading 8703 only if they are more than five years old.

Shipping your car to Zimbabwe

This is that time of the year when people are making last minute frantic efforts to ship their cars to Zimbabwe. With t
he deadline of October 31, 2011 fast approaching, most people are not really clear with what is happening in Zimbabwe.
Sending  vehicles to Zimbabwe has become a bit complicated as most customers do not know what to do. Let me clarify
a bit. 
Shipping to Zimbabwe will become difficulty for people after 31 oCTOBER, 2011.The Government of Zimbabwe through  its TRANSPORT Minister Nicholas Goche, on 1 July 2011; announced an extension on the proposed ban of second hand cars into Zimbabwe.The original deadline was announced in September 2010. The idea was to ban the importation of second hand cars that are more than 5 years. The ban was originally set to be 31 March 2011. It was then extended to 31May 2011. But as consultations are still underway, the minister of Transport extended the deadline by a further 3 months to 31 October 2011. Mr Goche was quoted on 1st July;2011 saying:"I want to advise all concerned that no one will be barred from importing vehicles which are more than five-years-old until the consultative process is completed,”He went of further to say:"Therefore, the effective date restricting the importation of second-hand vehicles into the country remains October 31, by which date the consultative process would have been completed to which my office will give further direction.”

If you intend to ship your vehicle that is more than 5 years old to Zimbabwe, before the proposed deadline; please contact Savannah Freight Services.Savannah Freight Services ships your vehicle through either Namibia or South Africa.Delivery time is usually 21-36 days but may be subject to change without notice.