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Swaziland Customs and Excise

The Beira Corridor Offers An Alternative To Business Dependent On Time Critical Imports

Beira-corridor; shipping cars to Beira.
The Beira Corridor is one of Southern Africa’s main transport routes. It is a road and rail network linking large parts of Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe and Mozambique to the port of Beira on the Indian Ocean.  For businesses reliant on imports operating in the above named countries, Beira Port in Mozambique offers an alternative route to business whose operations are time critical. Beira is just 4 hours drive from the Zimbabwean city of Mutare, which shortens the journey and the time a business has to wait for delivery of imported goods critical to their business.
Beira’s capacity and infrastructure was badly damaged during the 16 year Mozambique civil war. Now it has been restored to its pre-war capacities handling millions of tonnes of goods. The port has benefited from €190 million funding from the EU and other funds from World Bank. The main advantage it holds over any other ports in Southern is its multi-modal facilities. It offers rail and road links to the DR Congo, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi. The feasibility of constructing new railway lines to link Kafue to Lion’s Den in Zimbabwe, as well as for the construction of a One Stop Border Post at Forbes / Machipanda, is being considered.
In comparison the popular gateway of Walvis Bay, Namibia if one just considers the cost of port to port shipping from Europe it’s cheaper than port to port destined for Beira. However you will also need to factor in the cost of transit from Namibia to say Zimbabwe or Zambia. As well as the time it takes, the distance between Walvis Bay and Plumtree is 1766km which is equivalent to 48 hours. There is no rail link between Walvis Bay and Plumtree just road links with South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe. 

At Savannah Freight services we recommend Beira Corridor for businesses and individuals whose operations are time sensitive to the expedited delivery of their imported goods. 

Importing and exporting goods in Swaziland

importing goods to Swaziland; clearing cars in South AfricaImporting into Swaziland

Goods imported into Swaziland may be cleared under one of the following customs procedures within seven (7) days of the date on which they are deemed to have been imported:
  • Home consumption
  • Warehousing (later cleared for home consumption or re-export)
  • Transit/in bond
  • Temporary admission
If goods are not cleared with seven days of importation, there are penalties.
  For customs clearance purposes, the importer should submit a customs declaration document, supporting documents (invoice, transport document, certificate of origin, permits and any other document that may be required for verification purposes). Clearance for warehousing, transit/in bond or temporary admission requires a security that will cover the duties and taxes suspended.

 Exportation Goods exported from Swaziland may be exported under one of the following customs procedures:
  • Permanent export
  • Temporary export
  • Re-export
For customs clearance purposes, the exporter should submit a customs declaration document, supporting documents (invoice, F178, permits and any other document that may be required for verification purposes). 
Swaziland complies with the ASYCDA system and the codes required on the import/export documents are listed below:
Customs (ASYCUDA) Codes
It is of the utmost importance to capture the correct codes when declaring imports or exports. capturing the wrong codes results in inaccurate customs data and may lead to delays for an importer/exporter. 
Below are the codes used by the ASYCUDA++ system.
Model of Declaration (Purpose Codes)

These tell you what you are dealing with, whether it's export or import; for consumption or temporary.
EX1 Permanent Export
EX2 Temporary Export
EX3 Re-export
EX8 Export Transit
IM4 Entry for home use
IM5 Temporary importation
IM6 Re-importationIM7Entry for warehousing
IM8 Transit declarationIM9Other customs procedure
FE4 Passenger Declaration (Form E)
EXC9 Excise-Domestic and SACU Products

For more information on import and export in Swaziland, please contact our customer services team on 442070960264