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Savannah Freight Services  is a dedicated freight forwarding company, our team especially set up to service -Australia,Botswana,Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique,Namibia,Nigeria,South Africa,Tanzania,Uganda Zambia and  Zimbabwe and Africa in general.
We manage and support cheap shipping of vehicles and personal effects via road/sea/air to many destinations in the world at competitive prices.Container shipping from UK is our speciality.
We are the only dedicated company to solely serve the needs of African destination with special emphasis on:Shipping cars to Australia, shipping cargo to Zimbabwe,Shipping cars to Zimbabwe, Shipping cars to Namibia, Shipping cars to Walvis Bay; Shipping cars to South Africa, Shipping cars to Nigeria, Ghana, Shipping to Zambia, Shipping cars to Botswana, Sierra Lione, Liberia and Kenya. Shipping cars to Zimbabwe is our speciality.Containers shipping to Zimbabwe is our speciality too. Shipping cars to Walvis Bay Namibia is our speciality. Shipping cars to Mozambique via Maputo. We ship cars to Mozambique via Beira.

It does not matter where your goods are located. We have efficient systems to arrange for the door to door collection and delivery of your goods. We are dedicated to shipping vehicles to Zimbabwe and  sending personal effects to Zimbabwe. 

No items are too big or too small.We are a full service logistics provider giving a first class service which is second to none. We accomplish this by ascertaining our clients' objectives with regard to their requirements. CLICK on the link below for more details

Shipping cars to Botswana is our speciality. We also do at Walvis Bay in Namibia.Clearing cars in Walvis Bay is usually done in 24-72 hours. We also provide an excellent Car Collection and Delivery  Service in UK and Car Collection and Delivery from Walvis Bay to Zimbabwe; Car Collection  from Namibia; Walvis Bay to Botswana. We cover Plumtree to Namibia route and Namibia to Plumtree route. We ship cars from UK to Mozambique-Maputo and containers from UK  to Beira. Cheap car sales from UK to Zimbabwe; Car sales to Botswana and Zambia is our speciality.

Sailing Schedule from Sheerness UK to Walvis Bay, Namibia, Durban, South Africa & Maputo

Name of vessel:
Receiving Sheerness/Southampton
Expected Arrival in Walvis Bay
Arrival to other destinations
Vessel Status

Queen Ace
03-25 August 2016

Open For All Bookings


Name of Vessel
Receiving Immingham
Departure Immingham
Arrival Walvis Bay
Arrival Other destinations
Vessel Status
Bright Sky
05-07 Sept 2016

09-Sept- 2016

1 Oct- 2016
Cape town 05-10-16
Durban 08-10-16
Maputo 13-08-16
Open For Bookings of Vans, Trucks & Buses
 Bright Horizon
12-14 Sept 2016
16-Sept 2016

10-Oct 2016

Cape town 14-10-16
Durban 19-10-16
Maputo 24-08-16
Open For Bookings of Vans, Trucks, trailers & Buses
Blue Master
26-28 Sept 2016

30-Sept 2016
24 Oct 2016
Cape town 28-10-16
Durban 31-10-16
Maputo 05-11-16
Open for all bookings of vans, buses,trailers and trucks


Please note that sailing dates and vessels are subject to change without notice. Sailing duration from UK to Walvis Bay is usually 14-21 days.

Vehicles Delivery Addresses: 
Sheerness Dock; Car Terminal; 
 Lappel Bank; 
 ME12 1RS
Opening Times: Monday to Friday: 08:00am to 17:30hours Saturday: 08:0am to 11:30am

Immingham Dock; Eukor Car Carriers C/O DFDS Seaways, 
Riverside Terminal, 
Humber Road, Immingham, DN40 2LY
Opening Times: Monday-Friday 07:00-18:00hrs  Cars & 4x4s can be delivered up to 18:30hrs

Shipping cars to Namibia. Shipping cars from UK  to Zimbabwe; shipping cars to Botswana; shipping cars from UK to Zambia
Shipping to Zimbabwe; airfreight to Zimbabwe; Sending goods to Zimbabwe. Sending drums to Zimbabwe; Drums to Zimbabwe; Air Zimbabwe, Cargo to Zimbabwe;   

 Savannah Freight Services- Freight Forwarders to Namibia; Sending cars to BotswanaWith our air we offer:
c) Door to Airport Services Worldwide
d) Excess baggage services and Airport to Airport
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