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Air freight delivery is the quickest and most preferred way  of delivering our clients' goods and products. Although it might appear more expensive than other methods of delivery, it is the most cost effective way of delivering your goods. At Savannah Freight Services we have done the homework to select the best airlines and top notch service providers for your peace of mind.We have have the following types of airfreight services:

We offer to collect your goods from your door to your desired country's first port of entry by air. Savannah Freight Services' responsibility ends at this point. It will then become your responsibility to clear your goods through Customs and arrange for the collections and delivery to your desired destination.

Door to door
Door to door  to ZimbabweWe offer to collect your goods from your door, through UK ports, Customs Clearance in  your destination country and deliver to your receivers' door. You do not need to get involved in the cumbersome paperwork to clear your goods through customs. We have a dedicated team to clear your goods. Please check with our office as some countries may not have door to door services.

Shipping vans to ZimbabweCar shipping to Zimbabwe,Zambia, Botswana, Malawi and South Africa

Shipping cars to Zimbabwe; New Zimbabwe car shippers

Shipping cars to Zimbabwe is our speciality. We are the New Zimbabwe Car shippers. Due to high demand of our vehicle shipping to Zimbabwe, we now have a dedicate team.  Roll on/Roll off vessels for safe and secure shipments for all vehicle shipping. The most popular route at the moment is shipping cars to Zimbabwe via Walvis Bay,Namibia. Clearing cars in Walvis Bay; Namibia is our speciality. We also facilitate clearance of cars at Plumtree Border Post in Zimbabwe. 
We however still have a significant volume of cars shipped to Zimbabwe via Durban.We also facilitate the clearance of cars at Beitbridge Border Post; Zimbabwe.
Clearing cars in Zimbabwe is also a major part of our business. We clear cars in Plumtree.


Sea freight may be your preferred choice of transportation if you have lots of heavy packages to send, or several very large items.

The transit time will vary from destination to destination but obviously sea freight is a much slower service than air freight. Depending on the final destination, most transit times will be between 4 and 12 weeks. Shipping containers to Zimbabwe is our speciality. Shipping containers to Botswana. Shipping containers to South Africa.Container shipping to Zambia. Shipping containers to Australia

cars shipping  botswana; Shipping cars from UK to Botswana
In addition to our popular air and sea freight services to Africa we also provide a motor vehicle shipping service to various countries. This service is known as ro/ro (roll-on/roll-off) and is illustrated in the photograph. Your vehicle is simply driven onto the vessel where it is secured in transit by straps until arrival at the destination port, where it is driven off.
We are dedicated to shipping  cars to Zimbabwe, shipping cars to Namibia, Shipping cars to Durban and sending trucks shipping cars Botswana, boats, motorbikes to over 400 destinations in the world. We do customs clearance in Walvis Bay, Namibia.Clearing cars in Walvis Bay is done usually in 24-72 hours.

Product Sourcing-  Car sourcing made easy 

new and used cars delivered to Botswana
We have a wide network of reputable suppliers and manufacturers, in UK and worldwide and offer you the most effective ways to source low cost products from UK, China, India,Japan and The USA. Savannah Freight Services is the preferred provider of all your cars, trucks, buses, vans, electrical goods and IT equipment.

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