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Shipping cars from UK to Mombasa-Kenya

Cheap vehicle shipping to Mombasa is our speciality. Shipping cars to Kenya to Mombasa- is our speciality. We ship cars in Containers from UK to Kenya-Mombasa.
We ship cars on roll on roll off (RORO) from UK to Kenya.
We ship from Sheerness Port-Kent; in UK to Mombasa; Kenya on weekly basis. 
We also ship cars from Immingham to Mombasa-Kenya

We will ship your Saloon for £1080.00 from UK to Mombasa and a 4x4 for £1180.00 from UK.

For other types of vehicles please call us on 02070960264 or better still email us on

Our vessels frequently depart from Sheerness Port in UK  to Mombasa Port in Kenya or  from Immingham Port in UK to Mombasa Port in Kenya.    


From Mombasa we service other destinations. From Mombasa cars can be transported to Kampala in Uganda.
Shipping cars from UK to Uganda Via Mombasa.
Shipping cars to Rwanda via Mombasa
Shipping cars to South Sudan Via Mombasa
Shipping cars to DR Congo via Mombasa

Regulations for importing vehicles to Kenya
Shipping cars to Kenya, Car shipping to Mombasa; cheap car shipping from UK to MombasaTo import a vehicle into Kenya; an importer needs to engage the services of a Customs Clearing Agent who will assist the importer to process all required documentation  through the Kenya Customs' electronic clearance system.

 List of Licensed Clearing Agents can be viewed >>here 

What is the Maximum age  of Second hand car that can be imported into Kenya?:
  • As of 2017- Vehicles cannot be more than 8 years. Only cars manufactured from 2010 onwards are allowed to be imported into Kenya.  This is in compliance to the KS 1515:2000 quality standard by the Kenya Bureau of Standards.

Can I import a Left Hand Drive (LHD) vehicle into Kenya?

  • All left hand drive vehicles are not allowed for registration unless they are for special purpose i.e. Ambulances, Fire Tenders and large construction vehicles imported for projects and to be eventually donated to the Kenyan Government.
  • Exemption to import a left hand drive vehicle is only given to someone who has been in the Diaspora for more than 2 years and living in a country with left hand vehicles and has own the car for a period of at least one year. Further guidance on this subject can be found >>>>here 

The above guidelines shall apply to residents returning from countries that operate left hand drive vehicles who had previously owned and used a left hand drive motor vehicle in the country of former residence.

What about Road Worthiness of my imported vehicle?

  • All used vehicles imported into Kenya shall be inspected for Road Worthiness, safety and other requirements.
Duty Exemption for Return
ing Residents

Returning resident: A person changing residence from a place outside Kenya to a place within Kenya where that person has been residing outside Kenya for a period of at least two years and has not resided in Kenya for a period(s) amounting in aggregate to ninety days or more within the two years immediately before this return to Kenya.

A returning resident may import one exempt motor vehicle "(excluding buses and minibuses of seating capacity of more than 13 passengers and load carrying capacity exceeding two tonnes)"
Provided that:
i)        the person has attained the age of eighteen years;
ii)      the vehicle was used by him outside Kenya for at least three hundred and sixty days (excluding the period of voyage in the case of shipment)
iii)    the vehicle is owned and registered in his name and/or his spouse, and where the motor vehicle is purchased on hire purchase terms, the first instalment in respect thereof was paid and delivery taken at least three hundred and sixty days prior to importation.

  • Documents required for  vehicle clearance in Kenya
    You will need to submit the following documents to your Clearing Agent:
      • Original Commercial Invoice.
      • Original Bill of Lading.
      • Import Declaration Form obtained from Customs.
      • Authentic Original Logbook from country of origin.
    The clearing agent will lodge an import entry in Simba 2005 Electronic Clearance  system, pay the required duties and taxes and present all the relevant documentation for Customs to pass the entry.

    PLEASE NOTE:  KRA shall not accept a Certificate of Export issued by Dubai Police or any other authority as a substitute for a foreign log book.
    If the logbook is in a foreign language, an English translation issued by the respective Embassy, High Commission or a consulate based here in Kenya, must be furnished to Customs to authenticate the foreign logbook.
    • Cancellation of the foreign Logbook
    • Certificate of Inspection by Japan Auto Appraisal Institute (JAAI)
    • Any other document that may be required by Customs
    Other parties:

    Vehicles for diplomatic or consulate missions, vehicles for the United Nations or its specialised agencies, vehicles for foreign embassies, vehicles for donor agencies, specifically designed vehicles to be used by the disabled and  rally drivers.

    Please note that all Kenya Customs Clearance information above was correct at the time of publishing this website: The information is to be used for guidance only and cannot be used as a basis for making an importation decision.

    It is your responsibility to check the latest information with the Kenya Revenue Authority prior to importation of  vehicles.
    Savannah Freight Services Ltd cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred as a result of you using this information.

    Shipping cars to Kenya; Shipping cars to Mombasa; Car shipping to Mombasa;
    Please complete the form below for you to get a quote or to book your vehicle to Mombasa Port in Kenya.

     Please note that all vehicles  are shipped without insurance. You need to get your own insurance. Contact our office for support on how to get your car insured.
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    Please note:Online quotations do not include additional charges such as Shipping Line handling, customs or storage fees, import duties or VAT (if any) at the destination port.Your quotation is valid for 7 days only and is subject to space availability on the vessel of your chosen destination..
    • Delivery time for  Door to port vary depending on destination, please check with our Customer Service Team on +442070960264.
    A cancellation fee of £45.00 or 50% which ever is the greatest will be applied once the booking has been confirmed and then cancelled. Cancellation must be made 24 hrs prior to collection.If Shipments are under paid i.e. the Volumetric weight is greater then entered into our booking system your card will be billed for the outstanding balance and your shipment will not be sent before payment has been received in full.
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