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Shipping Cars,Vans  & Trucks from UK to MOZAMBIQUE - MAPUTO 

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Shipping cars from UK to Maputo; car shipping to Mozambique; shipping cars to Zimbabwe via Maputo
Car shipping is our specialty. Shipping cars to Maputo- Mozambique is our specialty. We process over 140 car shipping  to Mozambique enquiries per week. 
We handle and ship over 60 cars, trucks, vans, buses per month.This is a testimony that we are the preferred  shipping company for returning residents to Mozambique  migrant workers, government departments and individuals in Mozambique  and Zimbabwe who want their vehicles shipped from UK to Mozambique and Zimbabwe. We have regular and scheduled departure times from most UK ports to Mozambique .
We have the best understanding of Mozambique Customs regulations so that you do not have to worry and we provide the best information through our blog.
We offer cheap car shipping to Maputo.

We ship new and used cars (Vehicles); vans, buses, trucks  to from UK to Maputo in Mozambique at a very competitive rate.We offer Port to Port services from UK to Maputo or door to Port services.Our vessels depart on a monthly or weekly basis from UK Ports of  Sheerness or Immingham to Mozambique port of Maputo.


Roll on Roll off

Roll on Roll off is the cheapest way to ship cars from UK to Mozambique.


  •  Shipping cars from UK to Mozambique (Maputo) 
  • Shipping from UK to Zimbabwe and Mozambique via Maputo
  • Shipping cars to Mutare Zimbabwe via Maputo; Mozambique direct to the door.
  • Shipping cars to Harare via Maputo Mozambique
  • Shipping cars to Mutare via Mozambique
  • Clearing cars in Mozambique is our specialty

    1. Original vehicle registration book- (V5c )
    2. Proof of purchase of the vehicle- (invoice)
    3. Shipping invoice from us.
    4. Power of the Attorney (POA) form- Supplied to you by Savannah Freight Services Ltd. 
    5. Clearing and Forwarding Instructions form- Supplied to you by Savannah Freight Services. 
  • We also send cargo by air or by sea from UK to Maputo in Mozambique.

Shipping cars to Maputo; Shipping cars to Mozambique,Shipping to Beira; Maputo Shipping agents

Please complete the form below to get a price or to book your vehicle to go to Maputo -Mozambique.
Please note that all vehicles  are shipped without insurance. You need to get your own insurance. Contact our office for support on how to get your car insured
Vehicle Booking/Enquiry form - Mozambique or Zimbabwe or Swaziland via Maputo
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Car owner's name and address in Mozambique; Zimbabwe or Swaziland ( Please note - We need name to be registered in Mozambique NOT the driver who collects car from Maputo)
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Your car Make: eg Toyota
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Car Registration No: ( Must be provided at all times)
Your car's VIN/Chassis No: (Must be supplied at all times)
Car Dimensions (Length, Width, Height) : (Required for ALL Vans; trucks and Buses)
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Please note:Online quotations do not include additional charges such as Shipping Line handling, customs or storage fees, import duties or VAT (if any) at the destination port.Your quotation is valid for 7 days only and is subject to space availability on the vessel of your chosen destination..
  • Delivery time for  Door to port vary depending on destination, please check with our Customer Service Team on 00442070960264.
A cancellation fee of £35.00 or 50% which ever is the greatest will be applied once the booking has been confirmed and then cancelled. Cancellation must be made 24 hrs prior to collection.If Shipments are under paid i.e. the Volumetric weight is greater then entered into our booking system your card will be billed for the outstanding balance and your shipment will not be sent before payment has been received in full.